Broaden Your Musical Horizons

Do you like to jam? Do you enjoy playing with other musicians, or perhaps in a band? Or do you play your musical instruments for personal pleasure and enrichment of your life? I belong among those who play primarily for personal enjoyment, although I do enjoy “jamming” when I get the chance. But I have noticed that when I bring my banjo to a jam session, most of the songs selected by the jam participants are not truly banjo songs, and, consequently,I spend a lot of time sitting quietly without playing, or quietly vamping, or rarely strumming the 5 string in a manner that hopefully does not detract from the music that is being created, The fact of the matter is that the unique sound of the 5 string banjo is not suitable for many genres of music, including many Bluegrass tunes. On the other hand, I’ve never heard a song selected during a jam session that was unsuitable for the guitar players. If you can’t pick it, you can strum along without sounding out-of-place on the guitar.

The solution to this problem is to bring the “doc fossey guitar” whenever you play with others. Play your banjo pieces as you would on a banjo.Play it as a guitar when banjo-style picking is undesirable. Thus, the banjo player can broaden his or her musical horizons with the “doc fossey” 5 string acoustic guitar.